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Chemaf – Amnesty Media Response


Media Statement: Response to Amnesty International Report


Chemaf SA (“Chemaf” or the “Company”) provides the following response to Amnesty International’s (“Amnesty”) report titled “Powering Change or Business as Usual” (the ”Report”) in relation to its Mutoshi copper and cobalt project (“Mutoshi”) in Kolwezi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (the “DRC”).

Chemaf has been in dialogue with Amnesty prior to the publication of the Report and thanks the organisation for its research and work in its steadfast efforts to protect human rights globally. Chemaf has a firmly embedded culture of social responsibility and operates according to international good practice standards and guidelines (IFC performance standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability and Equator Principles). We also share Amnesty’s principles regarding protecting human rights.

As an operator in the DRC for over 20 years, the Company continues to be deeply concerned and saddened to learn of any mistreatment of communities and of illegal and forced resettlement. We do not condone any such illegal activities.

Events of 2016 pre-date Chemaf’s permitted mobilisation at Mutoshi

As documented in the published letters to Amnesty, Chemaf was not in any way involved, in the destruction of a village allegedly called Mukumbi on at Mutoshi in 2016.

The alleged events relating to the illegal removal of a settlement in 2016 pre-date Chemaf’s mobilisation at Mutoshi.

Chemaf was only permitted full access to Mutoshi by Gécamines in December 2017. Construction activities did not commence until 2018.

Chemaf first became aware of the alleged events in the Report in 2019. These accusations were subsequently heard in the Kolwezi High Court in 2021 in which the Judge ruled that these claims were ‘unfounded’.

The Company has successfully worked in tandem with a number of NGOs including at Mutoshi. In this regard, we welcome a long-term relationship with Amnesty and have extended an open invite to the organisation to visit our operations and communities on a regular basis to better understand and see the positive impact we are bringing to our communities first hand.