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Pipeline And Reserves

Etoile Phase II

Expanding mining operations at Etoile to meet global green energy demands

Having been mined intermittently since 1907, production from existing oxide resources is nearing completion. Chemaf is advanced in the development of a second plant designed to process mixed and sulphide ores.

A key source of copper and cobalt hydroxide

US$128 million Etoile Processing Plant based on Chemaf’s proven technology.

4,000 tpa capacity Cobalt content in hydroxide salt
25,000 tpa capacity Copper Cathodes
Location: Lubumbashi, Katanga, DRC
Product: Copper cathode and cobalt hydroxide concentrate
Life of mine: Etoile Phase II Mixed and Sulphide Ore Reserves of 11.44 million tonnes with TCu 2.2 % and TCo 0.31%; Etoile Phase II contains 250,620 tonnes of copper and 35,801 tonnes cobalt; and Etoile Phase II Life of mine extends up to 8 years of mining, withprocessing of around 10 years.

Mutoshi Project

Mutoshi seals Chemaf’s position as a leading cobalt producer

The Mutoshi development in Kolwezi is at the heart of Chemaf’s ambitious growth plans. Mutoshi is a large-scale copper-cobalt project at an advanced stage of development. This project comprises a fully mechanised open-pit mine and a state-of-the-art integrated proces sing plant with a capacity of 50,000 tpa of LME Grade A copper cathodes and 16,000 tpa of cobalt contained in cobalt hydroxide. Once commissioned, Mutoshi will be Chemaf’s flagship operation, forming the foundation for future growth plans.

Consistently producing high quality copper

16,000 tpa capacity Cobalt content in hydroxide salt

50,000 tpa capacity Copper Cathode

Location: Kolwezi district in the Lualaba province of the DRC

Product: Copper (Cu) and cobalt (Co) ore

Life of mine: Mutoshi North and Northeast deposit reserve contains 276,022 tonnes of copper and contains 122,960 tonnes of cobalt; Mutoshi Life of mine extends up to 6 years and processing extends around 9 years based on current reserve. Chemaf has a Resource to Reserve development plan in place to extend the life of mine to over 25 years.

Chemaf at Mutoshi

With the initial focus on the North and Northeast Deposit, potential economic copper and cobalt deposits exist in all directions around the Mutoshi Open Pit. The company has completed a preliminary economic assessment, definitive feasibility study and mineral resource estimate for the Mutoshi North and Northeast Deposits. In addition, it has conducted metallurgy, mining study, process design, and environmental and social impact studies. The resource development programme is fully operational after a preliminary economic assessment and definitive feasibility study. Chemaf's 25-year lease over PE2604 gives the company the rights to mine and process the material from the concession. Chemaf has also constructed an automated SX-EW processing plant at Mutoshi that is designed to process a total of 3.9 million tonnes per annum (tpa) of run-of-mine ore. The Mutoshi SX-EW process plant can produce 50,000 tpa of LME Grade A copper and 16,000 tpa of cobalt hydroxide.