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Mise à jour sur la strategie de l’Entreprise

Chemaf Ressources Limited (CRL) fait la mise au point sur le developpement de sa nouvelle stratégie à la suite d’une récente couverture médiatique. Enregistrée sur l’île de Man, CRL est la société mère de la société miniere, productrice de cuivre-cobalt, Chemaf SA (Chemaf ou la Société). Chemaf, qui est une entreprise de droit Congolais, est […]

Strategic Review Update

Chemaf Resources Limited (CRL) provides an update on its strategic review process following recent media coverage. Incorporated in the Isle of Man, CRL is the parent company of established copper-cobalt producer and developer Chemaf SA (Chemaf or the Company). Chemaf which is incorporated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is a proud operator […]

Pioneering Partnerships with ASMs

An innovative approach to community inclusion. Chemaf has been a key figure of the DRC’s mining landscape for more than 20 years. In that time, the Company has become all too aware of the country’s complexities and socio-economic challenges and has dedicated considerable resources to providing support aimed at uplifting and improving the circumstances of […]


Alleviating poverty and food insecurity; promoting entrepreneurship. A growing concern Food security in the face of climate change is a major source of worry to many people in the areas in which we operate. By enabling improved crop yields, we are empowering marginalised community members through improved nutrition and small-scale business opportunities. Mufunta Ladies’ Agricultural […]


Bridging the development gap in our stakeholder communities.Chemaf’s support for improving infrastructure empowers sustainable livelihoods and improved connections between buyers and sellers. Strengthening links The company undertakes regular maintenance of the Kiwele road between Usoke to Etoile Mine – a vital link between three major towns and Lubumbashi. We have also constructed bridges and culverts […]

Health of Chemaf people and communities

Health equity is central to Chemaf’s efforts to create a more inclusive world.Our healthcare initiatives focus on improving access to healthcare and promoting healthier lifestyle choices in order to positively impact the health of members of our team and of the wider community. Polyclinic Our Lubumbashi Polyclinic was founded in June 2006 to offer our […]

Education & skills development

Enhancing opportunities through learning and skills share initiatives. The essence of Human Resources Development is education; learning also plays a significant and remedial role in strengthening the socio-economic framework of developing countries. Professional training and skills transfer initiatives are central to our operations and our community programs. Our primary education contributions include helping to facilitate […]

Shalina Resources: The offtake impact

In securing a $600 million loan from Trafigura to finance its mining operations in the DRC, producer Shalina Resources is not only using secondary bank financing in a region which famously struggles to secure debt, but is also chipping away at many of the social issues associated with artisanal mining. Source: